秋冬オススメショートウェーブ☆ タガワセイタ

秋冬オススメショートウェーブ☆ タガワセイタ

Short hair to rounded silhouette volume Short hair and high tone color are good ☆ Short hair is a style that is required for technology that is easily affected by hair quality and skeleton, but I think that it is a style that "stylist" sense is questioned more than anything ☆ Where the scissors are put in by things the hairdresser saw on a regular basis, the one where the place to leave is decided is the "eye" is important ☆ We will propose a nice style by using eyes and sense that we feed with everyday study ☆ I make you happy and fashionable style !! ☆ You can make a reservation for 24 hours ♪ Those who are not good at online reservation 096-321-6185 Please call 【PARK × morio】 ♪ I am looking forward to seeing you ♪ Tagawawa Seita




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